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From Jail to College Scholarship: a Life Saved 

Student Highlight

Emanni Crisp and his mother, Tausha Weathers, are forever grateful for the guidance, support, and perseverance of the staff at DAVA – Dayton Athletic Vocational Academy.

Emanni was not a bad kid – he just ended up in a bad situation… finding his mother being dangerously assaulted by her husband, he shot the man in the leg to defend her.

Previously enrolled in DAVA before the incident in Las Vegas, Emanni was arrested and sentenced to up to 3 years in juvenile prison. 

DAVA’s leadership and staff believed in him. They did not give up on Emanni and stayed in constant communication with him, his judge, and the warden. In the end, Emanni’s sentence was greatly reduced –  he was put on a learning track and given a plan to graduate.

Emmani remained determined, wanting to make his supporters at DAVA proud –  and he did. DAVA helped him turn his life around. In his own words, “If it wasn’t for their support and their help, I genuinely believe I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wouldn’t be a graduate, and honestly, I wouldn’t even be free.”

An anonymous donation is enabling Emmani to attend college to study music and audio engineering. He has dreams of becoming a recording artist or songwriter.

School Interview with Emanni, his mom, and DAVA Principal: 

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