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How to Enroll at DAVA

Enroll your child at DAVA today! Follow the guide below to make sure you have the proper paperwork.


Step 1:

Fill out the Enrollment Form (click here). Print and fill it out by hand OR type into the fields and then print the form.


Step 2:

Use the checklist on the first page of the Enrollment Form to collect ALL of the documents you need.


Step 3:

Call 937-952-1079 to make an appointment for an enrollment interview. Students must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian for the interview.


Step 4:

Bring your printed Enrollment Form and your checklist of documents to the interview. Do not mail or email any personal documents.


For questions and to schedule a tour, please contact:
 • Charlotte DiMattei, Office Manager: 937-952-1079, cdimattei@davaedu.org
 • Ms. Thompson:  937-952-1079 x2900, kthompson@davaedu.org

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